tai chi sacramento

Tai Chi Sacramento

Tai Chi Sacramento is the #1 Tai Chi class in Sacramento.  Tai Chi Sacramento classes are taught by, Sifu Daniel E. Wold, who is a true Master at Tai Chi and numerous other martial arts and healing arts who has over 30 years experience.  No other local school compares.  Best of all, Tai Chi Sacramento classes are conducted in a safe and FUN environment.   Classes are $10 each or $70/month and are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00am (rain or shine.)  Call (916) 342-9149 to schedule your first Tai Chi class at Tai Chi Sacramento.

Tai Chi Sacramento

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art set, a method for self cultivation (moving meditation), and a do it yourself health care & prevention exercise… all in one.

At Tai Chi Sacramento you start by learning the Tai Chi Yang Short Set before progressing to more complex longer Tai Chi forms. The Yang Short Set is a set of 24 slow, flowing movements.  Sifu Daniel E. Wold will guide you on your path of learning each movement at your own pace so that you learn each step correctly with the correct relaxed and healthful posture and form.

Tai Chi Sword and many other traditional Kung Fu/Tai Chi sets/forms are also taught to advanced students.

Tai Chi is a martial art.  Sifu Wold is one of the few Tai Chi teachers who can teach you the martial aspect of each and every form in Tai Chi.  You aren’t required to learn Tai Chi as a martial art but you have this option if you are interested in this aspect of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi at Tai Chi Sacramento is a moving meditation.  Sifu Daniel E. Wold will instruct you how and when to breath in relationship to each movement throughout your Tai Chi set.  Sifu Wold will give you proper visualizations to help maximize your energy and healing flow of energy so that your Chi (life force) is increased during every class.

Tai Chi Sacramento provides health benefits.  Tai Chi is a form of self health care and prevention.  You should get permission from your licensed medical doctor before taking part in any Tai Chi Sacramento Tai Chi classes.  Once cleared by your doctor you can start to benefit from the relaxing, stress reducing, and muscle buidling aspect of Tai Chi.  Tai Chi does not only operate on the physical level.  Although the effects of Tai Chi can be scientifically tested, observed, and repeated, Tai Chi also operates on a level beyond the physical to bring you into a balance state of mind, body, spirit so you can be a balanced, happy, and calm human being.

 Call (916) 342-9149 to schedule your first Tai Chi class at Tai Chi Sacramento.