Sifu Daniel E. Wold is a master teacher of Tai Chi as well as Chi Kung, Kung Fu, and Aikido.  He has over 30 years experience in martial arts and has been teaching Tai Chi in the same location in Sacramento for over 30 years and has trained many of the instructors in other local martial arts schools.

Sifu Sensei Daniel E. Wold
Sifu/Sensei Daniel E. Wold

Sifu Daniel E. Wold studied in the United States,  Japan, and Europe under many of the world’s most well known teachers such as Master Tri Thong Dang and Saito Sensei.

His students enjoy his warm and friendly personality combined with his vast knowledge of the martial arts.  He makes everyone feel at home which creates the best learning situation because you are at easy and comfortable in Dan’s classes.

Sifu Wold starts you out with the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan 24 set which consist of 24 Tai Chi movements.  Sifu Wold will guide you through the set in a step by step manner, helping you learn each part before you proceed to the next so that you avoid learning the set incorrectly with poor form.

In Tai Chi class you will start by learning the the meditative, or soft side of Tai Chi, as well as the martial aspect of Tai Chi.  Selected students get to practice push hands with Dan, which is a really fun playful push and pull between two people using Tai Chi principles.

Sifu Wold also teaches various Qigong sets and Tai Chi sword sets, and other long form Tai Chi sets.

Personal instruction in Kung Fu, Aikido, traditional Aikido/Jujitsu weapons is available as well.

Call (916) 342-9149 to schedule your Tai Chi class.